Giving Up Smoking: Things To Do Before Setting A Date

Giving up smoking is one of the hardest things you’ll have to do in your life. Why is it so hard? You’re usually doing it on your own and the physical addiction to nicotine is extremely hard to get over. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances there is and if you quit smoking cold turkey, day 2 or three is when the withdrawals can hit you with a vengeance.

To be as successful as possible when giving up smoking for good, the best thing you can do is utilize all the resources available to make this an easier and possibly even fun experience. Associating the word “fun” with something like quitting smoking sounds ridiculous but we’ll get into that in a little bit.

First let’s check out some amazing free resources that can help you give up smoking for good.

ACS Guide To Quit Smoking

The ACS or American Cancer Society definitely knows what they’re talking about when it comes to the harmful effects of cigarettes and smoke. They have a guide to quitting smoking that is good to read over when you’re planning to quit and even during the process of quitting. You can print it out or bookmark it for later. You can find out what smoking does to you and those in your home, find support groups and simply learn more than you do now.

Use Your State Sponsored Programs

A bit like the ACS, most states have a dedicated “quit smoking” hotline or resource center. If you call them up you can get information about quitting and often get a couple weeks’ worth of a quit smoking product. Typically you can choose from the patch or gum and you might not get the full quitting program in every state but you’ll at least get two weeks’ worth and some coupons to help you along.

This is the best resource you can use and it’s a quitline map. Just click your state and you’ll find the program you need.

Talk To Your Doctor

Your doctor might be an unofficial expert on steps to take before giving up cigarettes fully. They have access to cutting edge medicines and some of these drugs work well for people. If you have decent insurance or even state provided insurance you can get prescriptions to help you quit smoking for next to nothing. Chantix is a popular medicine and you can ask your doctor if something like this would be good for you. Be honest about how much you smoke per day and what your goals are. Your doctor will probably be thrilled you’re planning to do this.

Consider Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have become an amazing quit smoking resource lately. The prices for starter kits have dropped to very reasonable levels and you can use juices and cartridges with no nicotine at all. These satisfy that habit of holding something in your fingers and inhaling/exhaling “smoke”. The physical act of smoking can be harder to quit then the actual nicotine. Just be completely sure you don’t mix an e-cig with nicotine with the patch or gum. This could lead to overdose of nicotine easily. Either use an e-cig with nicotine as a full replacement or one with no nicotine to use alongside other methods.…

Smoking Shisha and Hookah

Sindh Public Health Director Dr Masood said that for the past six months, the cell has sent hundreds of emails and written notifications to Pizza Hut. When interviewing Pizza Hut marketing manager Ammar, he explained that he has to consider his business too. People go restaurants to relax and enjoy. He doesn’t want to spoil it for them. Sometimes, business owners have to stand at customer’s point of view.

A snack bar owner said that his customers stormed the area during weekends, demanding shisha. He usually serve around 15 to 20 shishas a day. Another hotel owner said he can easily serve 10 to 20 shishas a day, since most of the customers are here for shisha.

Smoking shisha and hookah are not overall healthy and safe for the body. When talking to The Express Tribune, medical specialist Dr Ejaz Masood, he said a single shisha contains 20 times the amount of nicotine and tar, comparing to smoking cigarette. In other words, you

are smoking 20 cigarettes at a single time. Some people may even choose strong doses, that contains tobacco up to 100 cigarettes a pot, all masked by the fruity flavors.

He also mentioned that smoking shisha is not only unhealthy, it is dangerous to the smoker’s lungs and heart. Just like tobacco cigarette, smoking shisha can cause cancer, asthma attacks and other infectious diseases passed from other smokers since they are sharing the same pipe. If pregnant women smoked, it’ll cause their babies to be low birth weight.

Dr Ejaz said visitors and tourists travel North for the clean air. A report indicated that currently, almost 50% of the youngsters in Pakistan smoke shisha. With shisha all over now, who wants to come anymore to this polluted environment. Our tourism industry will be badly affected if the government do not step in and do something about it.

One solution is to promote smoking electronic cigarette instead. Electronic cigarette seems to be a smaller version of shisha, which contains fruity flavors, yet most importantly, it doesn’t contain tobacco at all. It does contain nicotine to satisfy the smokers’ urges. However, smokers are able to choose the doses that most suitable for them.

To find out more, you can check out Smoke Electronic Cigarette for more details. It is much safer and clean comparing to smoke shisha and hookahs, guarantee!…

How are Smoking Shisha Different From Smoking Cigarettes?

Many people are wondering what Shisha, also known as Hookhas really are? Are they safe? How are smoking Shisha different from smoking cigarettes? Let’s find out.

In the warm, lazying weekday afternoon, groups of youngsters can be seen on the balconies and outside hotels in Nathigali, Ayubia. They are made up of mainly college and university students, smoking shisha (water pipes) after school, from midday all the way till late at night.

This is becoming a worrying trend. One quick look across the streets and you can see all the hotels and eatery in the area infested with facilities and dozens of decorated shishas displayed outside to attract customers.

Locals started to complain that smoking shisha is fast becoming a trend despite the nation smoking law prohibits smoking in public areas. Smoking shisha is injurious not only to the health of the smoker, but their children as well. They urged the local authorities to step up and do something about it.

When interviewing a student of Peshawar University, Natasha Khan said “Yes, I know smoking is hazardous to health but tobacco in shisha is not as harmful as smoking cigarette. That’s what I was told.” She said, self proclaimed that she acquired the habit a year ago from her friend in university. She, like many others, tried shisha out of curiosity and now she has to smoke three times a day and is a ‘Shisha addict.’

So what exactly is Shisha?

Shisha, some called hookah or water-pipe, is a traditional method of smoking in a subcontinent and has been prevalent in the hujra culture of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa for centuries. However, after much evolution and changes, shisha is now different from traditional hookah. Instead of pure tobacco, it uses flavored tobacco mixed with aromatic substances. The mixture can be chose from a variety of flavors such as apple, mango, watermelon, strawberry, orange, grape and mint. The content weighs around 20 to 30 grams.

A hotelier in Nathiagali said that due to the rising popularity of shisha, especially among the youngster, they are bound to provide it to them in order to keep their businesses running. He said he was well aware that smoking in public is an offence, but when authorities are so lenient towards smoking cigarettes in public, how can they stop people from smoking shisha.